Naked Hoodies

Just in time for the cooler weather, we are getting a fleet of Canso (from Vancouver, BC) nice and thick full zip hoodies. If you order early, we’ll cover the shipping (and taxes if shipped within Canada). Cost is $75 for pre-order. Pre-order sales end November 8th.

Hoodie specs:

  • Unisex sizes
  • 16oz 3 end double dyed fleece
  • Cover stitch Lycra cuffing
  • Hidden cell phone & MP3 player pockets
  • 3 piece 2 ply hood
  • Full zipper

Only black available.

Naked Hoodies
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Men’s Naked T-Shirt

We’ve found an excellent company based out of Ontario that uses sustainable, ethically manufactured quality Tee shirts. This lightweight fitted T-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton, domestically produced, sweatshop-free AND they donate 50% of their profits to the charity, Free the Children. Talk about a socially conscious enterprise.

Sizing info

  1. Take your favorite T-shirt out of your closet.
  2. Measure its width from one armpit to the other.
  3. Find the matching measurements on this size chart, and you’ve found the T-shirt for you!


Men’s Naked T-Shirt
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Naked Jersey

Short sleeve unisex jersey with 3 back pockets and 19″hidden zipper. A relaxed fit.

Colour: Gray with White and Red

Naked Jersey
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Boomerang Dropouts

While everyone is busy copying my old design from 2006, I went to work making it even better.

These dropouts that allow for low mount disks on any size frame and allow for clear access to fender and rack mounts. Comes with or without stainless faces. Eyelet can be left on for touring use or removed for MTB use. Eyelet is at same distance from axle as disc mount and works perfectly with Rohloff oem2 axle plates. Tabs can be used as is for traditional slot construction or bent for tig. Price is per pair of dropouts. Two size options are available:

  • 3/16 inch – comes with lovely stainless faces – $50 CAD /pair
  • 1/4 inch – heavy duty version of above, comes without stainless faces – $35 CAD/pair

Please see my Flickr account for a few pictures built up.

Boomerang Dropouts
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