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Momentum Magazine – 10 Beautiful Bicycles You Wished You Owned

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Hand Crafted – The Bike Maker

The folks at and Gab Films visited us on Quadra Island this past summer. They are part of a series that showcase artisans in British Columbia who make a living working with their hands. Here’s the finished product of  “The Bike Maker” film featuring Sam Whittingham, Naked Bicycles, and Quadra Island! Special quest appearance by Dre Hagen!!! !! Beautiful film!!!




An article by Cyclocross Magazine on Mical’s Naked X ! !!

“Canada’s Mical Dyck does it differently, and it’s working. The newly-crowned Canadian Cyclocross National Champion is riding a handmade Naked Bicycles steel frame, single ring Di2 setup, and tubeless rims with converted clinchers. See Dyck’s unique rig in Cyclocross Magazine’s latest pro bike profile today:  “- John Proppe, Cyclocross Magazine


Dyck Rides Away with Second Canadian Cyclocross Championship – Photos by Thomas Fricke


Mical Dyck becomes a two-time Canadian cyclocross champion

Mical Dyck (Naked Factory Racing) took her second elite national cyclocross title on Saturday at the Shimano Canadian Cyclocross Championships p/b Volvo in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dyck, who previously won in 2012, accelerated out of a corner past Luna Pro Team’s Maghalie Rochette and pried open a gap shortly into lap one.

She held onto the lead as Sandra Walter (Liv Cycling Canada) established and maintained a strong grip on second place through the finish. Despite a recent cold, Winnipeg’s Leah Kirchmann (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) moved steadily through the field to claim third.

Morning sun dried out dampness from the previous day’s rain, and Dyck described the course as grippier than last year’s which had been dusty slippery dry. This year’s circuit resembled the 2014 design, though some additions made the circuit harder. Riders found more off-camber corners in the grass section that tripped up many riders last year as well as a longer two-part run-up and a new out-and-back trip over wood planks on and Dyck didn’t get the muddy course she had hoped for, but still flexed her technical skills for a smooth ride. She also relied on her explosive power right way to recover from a bad start.

“I slipped the pedal a couple of times so I wasn’t where I wanted to be,” Dyck explained. “I have pretty good pop. So once I can get the pedal I can accelerate really fast.”

She snuck through a gap and landed on Rochette’s wheel in second position as the field entered the grassy, off-camber section of the 3.2 kilometre course. Behind Dyck were Walter, Natasha Elliott (Red Truck – Garneau p/b Easton Cyclocross Team), and Ashley Barson (Rise Racing p/b Cyclepath Woodbridge).

Some corners later in the opening lap Dyck put her power to work again. She shot away from Rochette and
once she realized she’d gained separation put her head down to tackle the sand pits and stay away. Walter also leap-frogged over the Luna Pro Rider who seemed to be on an off day.

After leaving the damp sand where earlier races had drawn pretty firm lines, the riders climbed stone stairs and then dropped down to the river. The next challenge on course, a set of stairs on one side of a fly over which followed an already steep, tough run-up, earned praise from Dyck. “The changes they did [to the course] were super fun. The stair run-up after the run-up was so hard. You got [to the top] and you were like, ‘OK, I’ve got five feet to get on my bike before I drop in.’ It was super, super fun.”

While Dyck and Walter both extended their gaps as the racing continued into the final laps, Elliott moved into third position on course as Rochette struggled and Winnipeg’s Anna Schappert (Dark Red Racing) and Kirchmann gained ground. Then Schappert lost her snap as Kirchmann caught Rochette and next reached Kirchmann drew energy from the hometown crowd packed around the sand pits. “I heard so many people out there chanting my name, so that was really motivating,” Kirchmann said. “That made me want to get on the podium that much more and helped me ride a bit stronger.”

When Elliott and Kirchmann came to the line in a battle for third the Optum rider out-sprinted Elliott to claim the last spot on the podium.

“I really didn’t know how it was going to play out. This is my first ‘cross race of the year,” Kirchmann said after the finish. “My plan was just to go out there and see what I could do. I definitely lost some ground off the start. But I used my strengths in the flat fast sections and my power from the road to make up those spots. I was excited when it came down to a sprint for third.”

For Dyck, who’s had a slow start to this ‘cross season, the win was a satisfying turn-around from last year’s result when she placed ninth.

“It was my own fault; I crashed out and ended up mangling my chain and had to run,” the new champion said about her 2014 race. “I really didn’t want to run twenty minutes this year, so I decided to keep it upright.” Dyck quit a lucrative geology job to focus on building a cyclocross career. The Winnipeg victory validated her choice. “It feels really good. When you go through some tough times and you doubt what you’re doing, it feels really good to have a good race and reaffirm that it’s OK that you’re doing this and you’re following your dreams and having fun.”

Her new sponsor, Naked Bicycles, is a frame maker. Unlike most professional ‘crossers, Dyck races on a
custom steel frame. “It’s a little heavier than carbon fiber but the ride is amazing. For ride quality over the rough stuff, it just tracks so well.”

Dyck plans to tackle Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships when the party descends on Victoria,
British Columbia, where she lives. In December she’s headed to Belgium for Christmas week cyclocross.

Photos by Thomas Fricke

Sensation Ruby West dominates new U23 women’s title race

Ruby West (Centurion Next Wave), the 16 year-old from Dundas, Ontario who’s been racing well in the
women’s elite field in U.S. UCI races, stormed away from her rivals from practically the first pedal stroke. The U23 pack started right after the women’s elite field and the soon-to-be inaugural Canadian U23 women’s champion worked her way through a number of elite athletes on her way to the victory.

“I was first off the pavement and I kind of just went from there and didn’t look back,” West stated. “I just tried to maintain the gap I had and work through some of the elites to keep me motivated. It’s cool to have them out there and be able to race with them.”

West demolished her runner-up U23 colleague by a margin of three minutes. She said she hadn’t expected to run away with the win. “I thought it would be a lot closer of a race. But it was pretty cool. I was thrilled with it and couldn’t be happier.”

Dana Gilligan (Cycle Solutions Angry Johnny’s CC p/b Norco LG) came in second. Maggie Coles-Lyster
(Local Ride Racing) rounded out the podium for third.

Canada’s cyclocross championships are held in the fall due to the country’s early winter; this year’s winners will own their titles for 2016.  

About the Shimano Canadian Cyclocross Championships p/b Volvo

The Shimano Canadian Cyclocross Championships p/b Volvo is a three-day cyclocross festival taking place
October 23 to 25, 2015 at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Featuring an eclectic and culturally diverse
marketplace and a wide variety of dining and entertainment opportunities, The Forks provides an outstanding venue comparable to courses in the Belgian heartland of the sport. The weekend’s marquee event is the Canadian Cyclocross Championships on October 24. Racing continues on Sunday with the Manitoba Grand Prix of Cyclocross, an international UCI C2 event. The Kick Cancer Cyclocross Derby launches the weekend on October 23 with a series of fun races and educational opportunities to benefit the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. Find more information at


What Folks Say About Nakedness

“ I just returned from France after owning and riding my Stainless Steel Naked designed and constructed bike for 1 month.  With already over 2 000 km of gravel, pavement, bike paths, Canadian and French roads and in all sorts of weather, I feel qualified now to report on my “Naked Cycle.”   I presently own 7 bikes having two other custom built bikes.   This is easily my favourite.   Already there are many reasons for this.   First of all, the aesthetics are immediately appealing.   The polished barn swallow image on the top tube, bead blasted stainless, leather bar tape, integrated Ti rear rack all have a symmetry which is satisfying to any eye.   When I see this bike it still reminds me of a John Keats poem:  “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:  Its loveliness increases . . .”  The more I ride this bike, the more its loveliness increases.

I had this bike built to use on long distance randonneuring brevets and also fully loaded tours.   I just completed the illustrious 1230 km of PBP and this bike performed the way I was hoping.  The integrated edelux light with wireless connection to the generator hub, USB port int the stem, couplers to facilitate travel,  Chris King  and Ultegra components all worked flawlessly.  The bike geometry fits me perfectly.  After riding for 3 days and nights from Paris to Brest and back again to Paris,  I was still eager to get back on the bike again the next day after the event.   In fact,  I rode the bike everyday around Paris and Versailles after PBP which speaks to the comfort I discovered with the bike design (and 32mm tires!).    Leaning this bike up beside a French bistro always attracted attention.   The French know their bikes and recognize quality and beauty.
I love this bike and loved the process which allowed this dream to come to fruition.   So thank you Sam and Andrea for making it all happen” –  Graham’s Stainless Rando Rocket,  Ladysmith  BC.

“ Hey Guys thanks for the lovely spread on the new machine.  It feels a bit cheeky to have my freshly pressed “nakedness” out there for the world to see.  The bike fits like I was born with it and handles like nothing I have ever been on or imagined. I rode for 3 hours on Saturday, hit every climb on Quadra and nothing hurt. This is truly the most amazing thing I have ever owned. These bikes are designed and crafted by knowledge, experience and above all “love”.

Thanks again Sam!

…and not to forget the team behind the scenes thanks Andrea and Dave. Happy trails await.” –  Peter’s Stainless Road bike, Quadra Isl.  BC.

“Hello Sam and Andrea,

I was going to send you a little report on my new Ti adventure Naked bike when I got to 1,000 kms but I got so busy riding it became 3,000 kms in no time.

So here I am…. the qualification rides for the Paris-Brest-Paris are behind me.  Myself, Jim and Graham are registered and we are keeping in shape for the big one.  The three of us are riding a 1000 km ride in mid June.  Team Naked rocks!

But back to the bike…. It continues to amaze me.  Apart from a very slight truing up of the front wheel which is normal and expected there have been no issues.  The handling, ride and fit are amazing and I love heading out for a long ride on it.  I could go on and on about the DI2 drive-train.  It is simply fabulous!!

People say “nice bike” in passing as they see my bike but they have NO idea.  It is a noble machine far beyond just being pretty.  Like the beautiful lady I married one must know the character to appreciate the beauty.” –  UPDATE on Philip’s Titanium Road Adventure, Victoria BC – 3000 km’s later

“Sam/Andrea- “operation get naked”, was a success.  I did not expect any trouble with the bike and it did not let be down in any way.  The fit is perfect and I could not find any reason to adjust a thing.  The handling is bang on.  It is light and responsive yet gives no reason to fear a fast decent.  It is so much fun to ride!.. I rode my new naked to work today, not so much to show it off, but I just wanted to ride it and keep on riding it.  And I can’t wipe that smile off my face! It was nuts to ride any distance in mid November on two of the coldest days of the year.  We are nuts.  But it was worth it.  I am grateful that I could find two friends crazy enough to do it too.

Thanks again for creating a masterpiece built to match me and my cycling needs.  A lasting work of art, technology, and pure genius.” –  Philip’s Titanium Road Adventure, Victoria BC.

“Sam/Andrea–Though I was not allowed to put my gift under the tree I did get to take it on a ten mile ride this AM in 10f weather–too much snow in the woods so had to stick to the dirt roads but none the less it was a revelation. Extremely quick, responsive and well balanced–feels like my seven when I hit the pedals–just goes. Not only that, it is gorgeous.  Can’t wait for the snow to melt so I can hit my favorite trails.

Thank you again for your hard work, it is going to be a treasured ride for years and years to come.” –  Michael’s Titanium Geared 29er, New Hampshire USA.

“OK – so my expectations are generally pretty high – I’ve owned a lot of pretty nice frames – in lots of
different materials – but OMG this is by far the best ride I’ve ever had the priveledge of being on !!!
The frame is literally without fault !   It’s visually stunning (perfectly matches my aesthetics) and rides
like a dream.  It’s all of like 1.7lbs more than my Parlee Z5 … but that stainless is pretty sweet :-)
Seriously – even the build was just super-smooth – and everything was just perfect on the first ride.
I literally didn’t need to adjust ANYTHING !  Totally quiet, perfectly smooth, just incredible.  That never
happens. So call me a super happy customer.  Thank you Sam – what an amazing frame !!!” –  Tim’s Stainless Roadbike, California USA.

“I would say the honeymoon is over and I am still loving the bike.  Your design easily carves turns and leaps off the ground.  The tube manipulation and aesthetics are amazing.  Overall it is an incredible bike.” -Matt’s MTB Stainless singlespeed 29er, Missouri USA.

“Hi Andrea and Sam,   Love the new bike.  Can feel the springyness of the titanium, how gobsmackingly amazing to have such a good fit, and the seat is fine even without padded cycling shorts.  It’s name is Freya Stark, and, it does not need a fish.” -Georgina’s Ti LightAdventure – Courtenay, BC.

“Just wanted to say thank-you once again. I love my bike and have enjoyed it tones! Thanks again for your great work!” -Darlene’s Steel LightAdventure – Edmonton, AB.

“You built me one beautiful bike that travels with me lots…..but let tell you that it is also a strong Mother too. Over the past year I have really tested it several times, both here in BC and in Europe again this Summer. Result of all this? Bike great, me a little wiser and scars to show. Did I tell you that it also handles like a dream at 95kmph? Love it. I also put 4 more clasps on the travel case and its now virtually bomb proof.” -John’s Roadbike – Vancouver, CA and New Zealand.

“…had an inaugural five hour ride on Sunday through lots of climbs, downhills and rocks.  Rode so smooth and handles better than anything I’ve ever ridden.  Seriously, the first downhill was this sweeping, rocky descent and I was just like “whoa!”  Felt really, really nice.” -Jeremy’s MTB singlespeed 29er – Pennsylvania, USA.

“Hi Sam, Andrea, Misha, Sophie and Aran.

Three cheers to Team Naked for making my dream come true. I had my ‘recreation’ out for it’s first trial a week ago. It was a charmed ride. Whisper quiet. Imagine a bubble of youthful exuberance in an endless tailwind. Remarkable fit and finish. Beyond new and truly unique. Sam, the personal treatment will be a cherished memory for life. Impossible not to go wild and imagine the next Naked dreamliner!!”.” -Kim Weberg–  Nelson, BC.

“I just wanted to send a note thanking you all once again for my bike. I’ve been riding it lots in the Beaver Lodge and Snowden and have had time to get to know it. I love the way those big 29er wheels roll! And the arc you put in the top tube and stays makes the cro-moly seem even springier….Snappy and nimble, I feel good on the descents and am climbing better than ever. It’s just great to finally have a bike that really fits. Very, very happy.” -Scott MacNab – . Vancouver Island BC.

“It’s so badass. It’s amazing!” -Lance Armstrong – talking about his new naked bicycle. Austin, TX

“Lovin’ the bikes!! They’re amazing – I feel like I’ve been riding the thing all my life.” – Barney and Kath Bentall – Vancouver, BC.

“Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Really, really, nice! Such attention to detail! A true piece of art, that will be ridden.”- Rivercity Dave, Oregon USA.

“A few hundred kilometers later, a climb up and ride down Alison Pass (1342m), and there is no doubt this bike was made for me. Stable on the downhills, steady on rough road, solid in HUGE cross winds, but still responsive riding on the flats or on an uphill. Sure it isn’t an “over the top” racer, but it wasn’t suppose to be. I am amazed that I can comfortably keep up to Jana riding her road bike. That’s all I need to be able to do!.” Bruce, Vancouver BC.

“I absolutely LOVE it!!!! It is beautiful. Of course I knew it would be great in terms of frame, components, etc. but I was wondering if I had managed to convey my ideas re: the paint/design…. and it’s perfect! Love the “wouds” or “claves” or whatever you people are calling them…. and the shade of blue is fantastic…. Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business with you and I just KNOW that I will be sending more people your way when they see my new ride!”- Ursula, Vancouver BC

“Hi Sam and Annie, I’ve been meaning to drop you a line to mention how much I love my new bike. I can’t believe how it can be so fast, but also so comfortable and forgiving on the crappy roads here in Kingston, Ontario. The first time I rode it, I was amazed at how well it fits, and how natural it felt to ride. That hasn’t changed. Plus, of course, it’s a lovely thing to look at. So thanks again! I’m looking forward to a lot more miles.”-Nick, Ontario.

“The new bike is performing in a stellar fashion. Every time I take it to an event I find that the other riders take a lot of interest in it. I really enjoy the ride – stiff and precise. I can look over either shoulder and the bike tracks straight as an arrow. I can also pedal no hands with the same effect. The reach is great and noticeably more comfortable. The bicycle is definitely faster than my last. I love the way I can make quick descents on curvy sections of road. The steering is so accurate and invites ”aiming” for sporty turns.”-Bob Boonstra, Rando rider and Organizer, Kamloops, BC

“”THE BIKE IS WONDERFUL!!!! I really enjoyed riding it. It fit like a charm and I didn’t have to make any adjustments….The best thing was NO neck and shoulder pain due to the more upright position and consequently I didn’t feel nearly so tired at the end of the day.”
-Val, Delta BC

“This bike exceeded all my expectations: it’s more responsive, better fitting, and pure bling than I thought it would be; it was well worth the wait. I have ridden this set-up on local trails usually reserved for full-suspension mountain bikes and managed to pick my way nimbly through the tight sections with confidence. But, above all else, it’s sturdy and reliable feel has made me ride further and more agressively than I have in a while, which has put a big grin on my face on every ride. Many thanks Naked Bicycles! -Kim, Victoria BC

“Ottawatians who see the Naked, worship it” -Sarah, Ottawa ON

“LOVE the bike. It rode very smoothly. Thanks again! ….. it was a great ride and I was so pleased to have it. And was surrounded by a gaggle of guys at our break stop who all wanted to know…… I sent them to your website so who knows….”-Allison, Calgary AB.

“Your bike was a HUGE hit. I mean, WOW, that thing is awesome. The rack, the stem w/ integrated light, the branch motif. Everyone was very impressed. The brochures you gave us were gone in under 2 hours. There were people all over the show floor talking about your Bike.” -Ben Pye, Shimano Canada

I LOVE my bike – it is fabulous – thank you so much……. It is the envy of my biking buddies – in fact another colleague is wanting one like it for next winter.” -Raewynn, Vancouver BC

“I went for my first ride on my sweet new bike yesterday. Wow – that was fun – and…I don’t suck anymore! I can bunny hop, turn tight corners, ride no hands, hop over stuff…. I used to think I was a big geek flailer on a mtn bike, but at least part of the problem was the bike.My new ride feels sooooo different and sooooo much better. ” -Leigh Anne, Colorado USA

“OUTSTANDING !!!! Super comfortable, light, responsive and perfectly balanced. Everything I was looking for and more. Thank you so much. This is going to be a great summer !!!!” -John O’C, Vancouver BC.

“WOW, it looks better than I thought it would, you do great work! The bike rocks, you did a great job……. it climbs fast, isn’t twitchy on the down hill, and it rails turns, I will be telling many people about you, thank you again” -Mike Morgan, California USA

“It is nothing short of wonderful. It is beautiful…It rides beautifully … it is everything I expected and more. Thanks very much for a bike that does so much with essentially no compromises.” -Chip Stone, Vermont, USA

“I couldn’t stop staring at my bike on the way home. I am so happy with the way it turned out. It is brilliant! You are an artist!”
– Glenn, Vancouver BC

“I received my custom built rolhoff equiped Naked Bike in April 09. Since then I done about 4000 KM. This includes a fully loaded self support 2300 Km tour. I’m extremely please with the bikes performance. I’ve classed it as the ” BENZ OF BIKES” If your interested in my trip go the: web page and search Bruce Williamsom / western canada tour. Thanks again Sam and Andreafor a great bike and great service!” – Bruce, Campbell River, BC

“I took a good long ride on the bike yesterday and loved it! The bike feels very comfortable…………this is a great bike and I am most pleased.” -Michel, Quadra Island, BC

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