About Us: The Naked Truth
Sam Whittingham

Founder, designer and builder for Naked Bicycles handmade custom bicycle fabrication company.

He has been building custom frames one by one with love,  logic and elbow grease for over 14 years. Sam worked in bike shops and learned  to weld, design, machine and paint long before he put together his first frame.  He  has spent years racing and perfecting bike fit and riding analysis for various  disciplines. The first Naked frame was built for Sam’s good  friend nearly 15 years ago and that bike is still being ridden daily.  Here are some of Sam’s thoughts:

The bicycle is the most amazing thing to me. I work with them and ride them   every day and yet they never cease to amaze me.  I love that with a few simple tools, I can create something that will take someone around a velodrome in only a few seconds or around the world at just the right speed. 

I spent many beautiful days riding my bike as a kid and the joy has never left me. Racing found me when I was 15 and led to many accomplishments. I have tried my hand at road racing, mountain bike racing, recumbent racing and my real love: the track.  I have done RAAM, triathalons and extended touring.  

I am probably best known as “that guy in the Guiness book of records who rides his space capsule at 80mph” . I was trained as a visual artist and worked for many top theatre companies as a designer before deciding to make bicycles full-time.  I worked as a bike mechanic for years in my late teens and early twenties so I definitely know my way around the back end of even the ugliest bike part.

I was born and raised on Quadra Island where I now live with my own family. Come visit, we’ll go for a ride.


Andrea Blaseckie

The real power behind the throne is, of course, Annie. A bike nut for many years from racing to extreme commuting. Before embarking full time with Naked, she was renown for her ridiculous daily commute which involved 3 hours riding, one ferry and 5000 feet of climbing EACH way. And where was she going? To her job as a hiking guide and naturalist.   Andrea runs the day to day doings. Everything from marketing and advertising to shipping and accounting. She’s also responsible for keeping y’all up to date on the goings on in the Naked world through the website, facebook, and twitter.




Naked Bicycles & Design

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2012 Winner of Gates Carbon Belt Drive Design Contest

Best Mountain Bike

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