Girindra’s Simply Simple Gentleman’s Scorcher

Girindra’s bike. It’s based off of our Simple Bike aka Gentleman’s Scorcher. So much customization going on here. We tried to keep the components to a bare minimum utilizing the simplicity of the Gates Carbon Belt Drive system. Headed overseas for some city rolling. Girindra asked for us to include his kids into the build. The silver medallions represent each child – sun, stars, and sky.



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Nicole’s Steel Road Adventure

Road Adventure for us means a classic road bike with room for a little bit more. Perfect for an epic road ride or randonneur – maybe even a race or two. Made for long reach road brakes so there is room for slightly bigger tires, fenders and a rear rack.


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The Big Banana Fat-Bike
Wanted to see what all this Fat-bike nonsense was about.  Here’s the Naked Fat-Bike prototype. Already had some massive grins riding this phat bastard. Is it better than a “skinny” tire mtb? Wrong question. Apples and oranges. Is it really fun? Oh yes. Yes it is………
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Barry’s Dropbar Daily Adventure
Made with KVA stainless steel, this disc brake’n, Whiskey fork’n, curved top tubed, Daily Adventure bike for Barry should get him to work faster! Barry’s a Quadra Islander and a dedicated cyclist. Rain or shine he’s out there.
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Mike’s Stainless Gravel Grinder Light Adventure

It’s a stainless lugged gravel grinder for Mike. He’s headed out on the bike’s first grind at this year’s Dirty Kansa . This bike is kitted with custom stainless fork, custom stainless front rack, seatstay pump peg, S and S couplers for ease of travel, front generator hub and light, very snazzy Paul mini-moto brakes, leather bits from Brooks and so much more.



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