Ryan’s Steel Triple Threat Road Frame

Ryan’s road bike, tig welded, made of steel. It’s got 3 holes in the top tube, internal cable routing, and a sketch by his wife :)


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Update from the X trenches: StuckyLife Semiprestige

A jolly weekend of rabble rousing, frozen mud tracks, toques, beer and big smiles. The 2nd Annual StuckyLife Semiprestige. Article written by Jonathon Johnson. Pictures by Jonathon Johnson and Geoff Robson. 


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Characters 12 on Pinkbike

Riley Mcintosh has been doing some wonderful “Characters” profiles for Pinkbike. Sam is segment #12’s “the Rare man”. Great photos by Dave Silver of Dave Silver Photography


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Titanium Belt Drive X Fighter

Sam’s first race of the X season on his newly built Titanium X fighter. This bike features disc brake, Gates Carbon Belt drive, Whiskey 9 fork, FSA cranks, Industry Nine wheels.  Before and after shots. Last race of the year for Cross On The Rock 2014. Excellent cyclocross race series on Vancouver Island. Attendance keeps climbing and climbing.



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News for the Final Cross On The Rock Race of the Season!!

This just in from Norm of Cross on the Rock:

“Two days away from the last race of the COTR series for 2014.  It seems like
just yesterday we were all cooking in Cumberland and Bear X Ing.  We have
had a great season.  #1 in Canada.  Most racers per year.  Highest average
racer # per race in our 9 years.  More than 3.5 X the number of racers
coming out now than in 2006.  It still feels “close” though.  Harder to know
everyone’s names with the (muddy/dirty) faces.  But we know the faces and we
know the names on the call up sheets.  As a Cyclocross “community” we have
built something great.  Inclusive.  Competitive.  Fun. Hard. Friendly.
Hard!  Racing is supposed to be hard.  We love to push ourselves.  We love
to earn our “rewards”.  We love to race!  The amazing difference for our
series is how it is “wheel to wheel”….but it is with admiration, respect
and a handshake or hug at the finish line.  Let’s keep this the focus of
Cross on the Rock and everything else will be a bonus.  Can’t wait for

Series Final-My Little Pony CrossSunday.  Arbutus Meadows. Nanoose.

The trailer is in place on site. Incoming race director, Ron Hewitson is
meeting outgoing race director, Peter McCaffery today to finalize the
course.  Fingers crossed it is “turny”, muddy, technical and hard!  The
M.I.V.A. club will gather tomorrow to set up the course.  Roland and I have
a million details and jobs to do to get everything ready….they will be

Tent town should be along the paved road like last year….but I will
confirm and post on FB tomorrow.  All tents should be staked and secure.

A soccer group is using the main arena/barn during the day so be aware of
that group.  We will have it later for the awards.

We have heard rumours of possible special guest appearances from past COTR
racers that have moved away.
We have heard rumours of possible special guest appearances from past COTR
racers that have not been able to race this year.

*       Nanaimo Bar Hand Ups
*       Mustache hand ups
*       Amazing Venue
*       Double points (anything can happen)
*       Series standings
*       Growlers
*       Root Beer
*       A LOT of draw prizes….think Shimano, Howard Johnston
*       Event draw prizes from our great sponsors
*       Series draw prizes.  Zed Wheels.  Naked Frame.
*       BIG Barn/Stadium for the final awards
*       CUSTOM series final awards
*       Best Photo Contest
*       Perfect weather forecast.

I will post some more course information on our FB page tomorrow afternoon
after the kids and I go check it out.

The big news is that the famous Naked Sam Whittingham will make his season
debut and last race of the season this Sunday on his brand new, just built,
Ti COTR fighter.  He has been given the green light from his Dr. after a bad
crash late in the summer.  Since Sam is coming he can do the draw for a
Naked CX Frameset.  The last draw of the day.  Each time you raced this year
your name went into this draw.  Brad Head from Zed Wheels is adding a set of
wheels for the bike as well…..just to make it even sweeter!

If I had a 1 in around 250 chance of winning a FREE Naked CX frameset or a
pair of Zed Wheels…..all I had to do it show up and race the series
final……I would make the trip.

Pre-registration here: and
as it normal Pre-Registration CLOSES at 7:00 Saturday night. “

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